At moiom® we believe that shared happiness is double

Sharing happiness gives it room to grow and multiply. It becomes contagious, rubbing off onto people and their surroundings. Uniting us together in one space.

It’s beautiful to see your child exploring and discovering the world around them. A world you can share, simply by being present in it together.

You’re trying out a new recipe one night. A regular enough occurrence for you, but a completely unfamiliar world for your child.

As they play in the same room you’re cooking in, they discover a mishmash of new sights, curious smells, and unknown sounds.

The time you spend with your child should not be measured by the number of games played, but by the amount of time you’re united in each other’s worlds.

For children play is never

Instead, it’s a quest that can take place anywhere, any time. That’s why at moiom®, we made it our mission to make more room to be together by crafting the objects that help us share our happiness

Because shared happiness is double