Why we love our slide

Designed to never be cleared away at the end of the day
Add a different touch with our standout slide upholstery
10 year warranty
Sustainably sourced
Full returns, no questions asked
All good things come in two’s
At moiom® we design with dual intent. We set out to create toys which inspire play and imagination whilst also adding to your decor. In that way, we aim to unite the two worlds of adults and children, making more room to be together and double the fun. So we designed a slide that doesn’t have to be cleared away at the end of the day. Thanks to our elegant product design and the option to customise with custom knitted upholsteries, the line between toy and statement furniture piece has just become very blurry. And if you’d ask us, that’s a good thing.
Product dimensions
moiom® products are designed with dual intent – our aim is to create toys which inspire play and imagination in children whilst also adding to your décor. Our collection of Fabulous Fabric Upholstery options allows you to personalise your slide and enhance your home’s style.

Why we love our upholstery:

  • Hand-made in Belgium by second generation craftsmen
  • Custom knitted fabrics developed by BYBORRE in Amsterdam
  • Crafted with care (textile passport included with all our upholstery)
  • Crafted to high-end furniture standards (Martindale 70.000)

About this fabric:

A 3D layered knit with filling yarn in between, with on the front a blend of wool, which gives this textile a natural touch, and GRS recycled nylon. The front yarn is made with a special OTW® spinning technology which improves pilling resistance, abrasion resistance, and wearing performance. The GRS recycled polyester yarn on the backside enhances durability.


  • 21.6% Merino wool
  • 14.4% Recycled nylon
  • 34% Recycled polyester
  • 30% Polyester filling

Click here to download BYBORRE’s Textile Passport >

moiom® Ubuntu pink

moiom® Ubuntu navy

moiom® Ubuntu olive

moiom® Ubuntu white