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NA slide that doesn’t have to cleared away at the end of the day.

Outdoor togetherness.

Welcome to moiom®, where design meets the boundless energy of childhood. Picture an object that not only ignites your child’s imagination but also matches your style both indoors and outdoors.

Imagine a slide that’s more than just fun – it’s a centrepiece that catches the eye. Its design blends playful shapes with a modern look that fits right into your outdoor space.

moiom® makes your outdoor area a place where your child’s playtime and your quiet moments can come together. We’re here to help you build a space where you can watch and enjoy as your child slides into a world of make-believe. We invite you to be present in your child’s adventures while shaping a setting that feels just right for the whole family.

Personalised playtime.

Experience the magic of personalization with moiom®’s customisable slide. Our upholstery allows you to design a slide that’s not just for play but also a statement piece in your home.

Two worlds, one space.

Create a space where you and your child can bond, hassle-free. No need to rearrange or worry about post-play cleanup. Double the fun, double the memories, making every moment memorable for you and your child!

Planet friendly.

We want to give old treasures a fresh start, crafting an object where fun for our kids and care for our planet go hand in hand. That’s why we select recycled and upcycled materials — every choice we make is for their joy and our planet’s tomorrow.

UV Protected.

Say goodbye to faded colours! Our slide comes with built-in UV protection – it’s like the slide’s very own sunscreen, ensuring vibrant hues and endless fun under the sun!