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Where can I buy moiom slides?

  • Where the magic happens
    Our moiom® slides are available online – right here at our official website. No need to go far or find a reseller – your slide is only one click away.
  • Pre-order
    Your little one has been busy growing up, and so have we. Our slides are currently in production and will arrive on our website soon. Order now and receive a handful of nice extras: a digital NFT moiom® art piece, early access to our limited edition slides, sleeves, trim, waterjets, and updates on our launch.
  • When will pre-orders be shipped?
    Our moiom® slides are coming in the summer of 2024. Playing is in session, and we can’t wait.

How are the slides produced?

  • How do you make moiom® slides?
    We put constant care into crafting our slides. Through a process called ‘injection moulding,’ we pour the materials and our hearts into shaping toys that connect adults and children.
  • Where are the slides made?
    In the south of the Netherlands, perfectly nested in the center of Europe. Rest assured, while the country is physically flat, our slides are definitely bringing curved fun into your home.
  • What are the slides made of?
    Our slides are made from recycled PC and HDPE, which are both plastic variants. PC is often used to produce the lens of your glasses or car headlights, while HDPE is usually made into children’s toys, home appliances, and shampoo bottles.
  • How are your slides ‘responsibly produced’?
    We make our slides out of plastic, but not just any plastic. We carefully source our PC and HDPE from upcycled materials from production sites that would otherwise throw them away. This way, we know exactly where the material comes from and ensure it’s contamination-free and safe for production, turning unused waste into child-like wonders.

Why should I buy a sleeve with my slide?

Our sleeves (coming soon) add style on top of fun. Design is just as personal as play, so choose one from our wide assortment that matches your style and sparks joy for your family to double that (tactile) fun. Now your slide can be anything: a toy, a resting chair, and even a special bonding spot with your kids.

Who is behind Moiom?

It takes a village to raise a child. And it takes a dedicated team to create the funnest toy slides on the market. Our brand was founded by Roderik but made together with Jacob, Tabi, Lieke, Noortje, Carolina, Joeri, Gerben, Ruth, Quynh, Seb, Nick, Richard, Sévrien, Steven, Shirien, Sara, João, Erik, Rick, Ming, Marc, Lin, Niels, Barre, Herman, Victoria Froukje and Anke.

  • Who designs the slides?
    The slides are the brainchild of our creatives and engineers, including Roderik, Noortje, Froukje, Joao, Steven, Sara, Christian, and Seb. Alongside lots of much-needed feedback from our friends and family.
  • Who designs the sleeves?
    We do most of the imagining and making of the sleeves. Like how playing opens up a whole new world, we open the floor to other creative minds and, together, we come up with awesome designs.

What does ‘Moiom’ stand for?

It’s nothing and everything. It’s a palindrome that is now filled with all the values we stand by and all the qualities you want in a slide. Plus, it’s fun to hear and to say.

How do I take care of my slide?

Our slides are built to last; that’s why we will replace the slide if there’s something wrong despite being used as intended. However, strong sunlight might discolour your slide. So, place it in the shade and keep (it) cool.

Why is your slide called Ubuntu?

It’s our mantra – ‘I am because we are.’ Based on an ancient African philosophy, we at Moiom believe that all of humanity is connected, and only through that connection can we be truly happy.

What’s the warranty on my slide?

Our warranty lasts 10 years – plenty of time for your children to play to their heart’s content.

How does the Moiom referral program work?

Here at moiom®, we like to double the fun. We offer a referral program where we reward you when you share the joy of a moiom® product. How? After buying a moiom® product, you will receive a referral code. Everyone who purchases a slide using your referral code will receive €50 discount on their product. Also, you will receive a €50 moiom® voucher for each slide sold through your referral, with a maximum of 6 vouchers.